The Lego Movie 2 Secrets Of The Master Builder Manual is a sequel of the lego movie. It will be made in the year of 2017, and it will be directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller who made the first movie out of lego, and it will be introducing new characters of the film.


Emmet (Chris Pratt) have already defeated Lord Business (Will Ferrel) and he survied during the explosion of the kragle. In The Aftermath, a new villain has arrived who is half lego minfigure and half scorpion she's the most evil creature who is lord bussiness' mother named Queen Scorpiona (Queen Latifah). Now it's up to emmet and the whole gang must find the master builder manual that was kept in the jungle before queen scorpiona will steal it and victory will be hers forever!!!

Voice CastEdit

Chris Pratt - Emmet

Will Ferrel - President/Lord Business

Elizabeth Banks - Wyldstyle

Will Arnett - Batman/Bruce Wayne

Alison Bre - Unikitty

Charlie Day - Benny

Alec Baldwin - Metalbeard

Adam Sandler - Shermlock Holmes

Liam Neeson - Bad Cop/Good Cop

Queen Latifah - Queen Scorpiona